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  • What are Saige's intake policies and procedures?
  • What is consignment? How does it differ from other means of selling your items?
    Consignment is when items are left in the possession of a third party to sell. The items are accepted for sale for a designated amount of time. The business owner (consignee) pays the individual (consignor) a percentage of the sales price if and when their items sell. Resale is when an individual takes their items to a third party and the business owner immediately pays the individual a percentage for their items. The business owner then resells the items.
  • How do I get started with consignment?
    Anyone can consign with us by completing a simple contract in the store. We do have a few simple rules that we ask you to follow, and these are listed below. We do intake Tuesday and Thursday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY . Please narrow down to your BEST items: quality over quantity! We limit each consignor to 20 items per visit. Please only bring in 20 items at a time for us to consider for consignment. Clothing must be current, in like new or excellent condition, clean, and free of wrinkles and pet hair. If we find stains or defects after accepting clothing, it will be taken off the sales floor.​​ All clothing MUST be on hangers. Shoes must have little to no heel wear. We're more likely to take your shoes if you clean them ahead of time--wipe down the leather and the insoles. For sandals or strappy heels, if we can see the imprint of your toes from continued use, we will not accept them. We DO NOT carry formal gowns, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, swimwear, or intimates. We do accept cocktail dresses on occasion at our discretion. ​The consignment period is 60 days from the day the item is priced and put on the sales floor. The consignor receives 40% of the selling price. If you spend your earnings in the store, you get an extra 10% off! Items expire 60 days after being placed on the floor. You can retrieve unsold items before they expire by scheduling a pick up appointment under the booking calendar . Unclaimed items are donated to the charities of our choice. We absolutely do not accept counterfeit, fake, or knockoff items. Selling such items is illegal.
  • How are consignment prices determined?
    On average, items are priced at about one third to one quarter of their retail value. High-end and rare items are researched and then priced based on their quality, condition, and mass appeal. At Saige, if an item has a retail tag still attached, the item is priced at 50% of the amount on the tag.
  • What happens to my items if I don't retrieve them?
    All unsold items are donated to the charities of our choice. We prefer donating to women's programs such as Domestic Abuse Shelters and programs that help women get back onto their feet after going through a tough season of life.
  • What items does Saige NOT accept on consignment?
    We do NOT accept menswear, children's wear, furniture, home accessories, linens, or bedding. All items must be ON HANGERS, CLEAN, free of defects, free of odors (e.g., mothballs, smoke, perfume, mildew).
  • Which brands sell best?
    As of July 2023, our top selling brands are: Athleta J. Jill Ann Taylor LOFT Chicos Banana Republic Lululemon J Crew Brahmin Talbots
  • Which brands does Saige NOT accept?
    Items are accepted at the discretion of the owner. Acceptable brands are subject to change and clothing labels must be present and current. As a guideline we do NOT accept the following brands: Old Navy Target Walmart Dockers Hamrick's Brands Some mall brands ARE taken on a trend or popularity basis. This is case by case.
  • How many items can I bring?
    20 items of clothing, this does not include purses, jewelry, shoes or other accessories.
  • What is your return policy?
    In short, we do not have one. When you buy used clothes, the sale is as-is. There may be exceptions in very particular circumstances.
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